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Interested in purchasing LRA properties?

Our goal is to reestablish the neighborhoods of Fountain Park and Lewis Place into the thriving, crime free communities they once were. In order to achieve this, our primary focus is on creating opportunities for single family ownership of affordable housing as well as the revitalization of the historic stock which remains.


Purchasing vacant properties
Vacant and abandoned buildings in St. Louis, MO fall under the jurisdiction of the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA).  The LRA receives title to all tax delinquent properties not sold at the Sheriff's auction.  Under normal circumstances, the St. Louis Real Estate Department markets and sells these properties to individuals and entities that are willing to develop or make use of the property.

While we are encouraging the purchase of any properties that are vacant or abandoned, we are actively discouraging anyone from buying property without the ability to maintain and rehab the property to the exact guidelines, specifications and standards that have been envision by this community for its own renewal.  LRA properties that fall within the jurisdiction of the Kingsway Redevelopment boundaries may already have a pending offer on them or plans for redevelopment by another buyer. 

If you are interested in a specific property, please fill out the form below leaving your contact name and the address of the property and our property manager will return your call with a status update on the property and if available, next steps for purchasing. All potential purchases that fall within the targeted area must submit evidence of financial capability as well as development plans that will be reviewed by our Housing Board before approval of purchasing and tax abatement.

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