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ETHINKSTL-069-The Kingsway Merchant's Association | Developing a Solid Economic District

Joining us today are Kevin Bryant, Chair of the Kingsway Merchant's Association with James Buchanan, the Commercial District Manager with the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC) . 

The Kingsway Merchant's Association has been working since 1983 to support and improve the business vitality in one of our largest districts. The district is comprised of member businesses and other concerned residents, who are all working together for the continued support and sustainability of the business community. 

Kevin Bryant is the Founder and CEO of Conversions Global Marketing, a creative marketing firm that tackles the growing impact of diversity on brands by merging local action with global thinking. 

The SLDC is the economic development arm for the City of St. Louis, Missouri. 

In this episode:

- What inspired this redevelopment plan. 

- How KMA overcame the multiple challenges faced with this plan. 

- The vision for the district. What success would look like. 

- What it means that the KMD is “Making Dreams A Reality”. 

- How Kevin stepped out of his comfort zone. 

- Kevin's greatest surprise in entrepreneurship. 

- James and his work with St. Louis Development Corporation. 

- The personal journey of Kevin and James to this project. 

- What the opportunities are in the Kingsway Merchant's District for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

- What it means to be the “Driving Force for Economic Development”.

- James Buchanan's personal driving force.

Learn more:

Entrepreneurially Thinking is another positive production of RareGem Productions. Thanks for listening!!

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